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Women’s Festival “Anima” at the Premier Hotel Abri

  • 29.05.2017

In 22-23 of April Premier Hotel Abri opened its doors for special event, which all women of the Dnipro city were waiting throughout the year – All-Ukrainian Women’s Festival – “Anima”. For several years now this festival takes place in the hotel Abri and we hope that this tradition will remain unchanged. Women’s festival “Anima” is a unique event which cooperate all female sex at one time and one place.

The fest consist of more than 40 master classes, lectures, seminars, film training on the relationship between a man and a woman, career, beauty, fashion, image, health, hobbies and everything that can be interested for modern woman. Having visited the Premier Hotel Abri during the festival “Anima” at least one time, you will never miss it again.

From the first steps you took to the fest you can feel the spirit and wonderful mood of all women awaiting for grand celebration. Passing through the hotel corridors these days you can hear from all conference-halls how speakers grab the lectures. And the territory of the hotel is full of different shopping areas with everything that women like and need. There are 7 working sectors during two festival days. They are “Mars and Venus”, “Fashion and Beauty”, “Hobby and Relax”, “School and Sex”.

You can attend any of events just by buying one ticket. Anima Women’s Fest is the most ambitious and successful project with seven-years-old history, that traditionally gather capacity crowd. We advise to visit this Festival in your city, but it is better to do in the Dnipro city together with Premier Hotel Abri’s team.